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The new kindergarten is not a duplicate of the one we built 15 years ago, nor is it a useless project. Its purpose is only to continue with the principle on which the entire KARIBU ONLUS project is based. For us, school means giving all children and young people the opportunity to learn what they will then need in life to have a future and possibly success.

For us, teaching MUST be free for all basic courses, up to 18 years of age.

We will start from scratch because we have to choose the location and buy the land on which to build it.

It has already been identified and we are negotiating the purchase, I will do the project as for all the other buildings of KIBORA PRIMARY SCHOOLS and, finally, we will pass everything on to our faithful builder, Mr Mbathi.

The total cost is €8000 and, regarding timing, everything will depend on the availability of funds, i.e. on the donations that arrive. Christmas would be the goal I hope for, a great gift

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