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welcome to chakama

There is a small corner of the world in the heart of Kenya where we are growing together with a small community.
It's called Chakama and if I say growing together it's because while we help the community grow economically, they, without even realizing it, help us grow spiritually, day after day.
We don't want to change Africa, no one can do it except Africans. Together with them we just want to give a different meaning to our lives, a development necessary for both of us.
And, believe me, we are always the ones who leave Chakama richer, we who arrive with money, with iPhones, with iPads and with suitcases full of things to give away, things that are often old or just useless.
On the way back our suitcases are heavier, because they are full, for us, of a great novelty, love, a simple but genuine and profound love and inside our eyes and hearts we carry the memories of a very distant time in which we too , most likely, we were like that.


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