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The soul and its voice, the music, are immortal. The sounds of nature, those of an instrument and the human voice will therefore always be present in our lives.

The soul is love and manifests itself through music to speak to all living beings. His language and his message are universal and cross our hearts, filling them with joy, hope, courage, sweet nostalgia, energy, wonder, amazement, enchantment, determination, emotion, in short everything that concerns the sphere of emotions and feelings and which manage to unite all of us like a magical glue, in the various moments of life, always and everywhere.

Music has no barriers of any kind. No colours, borders, races, ideologies, differences of any kind and to make its message truly universal, just entrust it to a voice and a melody, whether through a single instrument or a large orchestra.

When it reaches the heart of just one person, it can echo throughout the universe.

This project is the desire to demonstrate, once again, how great the meaning, the value, the power of LOVE, the deepest human feeling, is.

This message is entrusted to those who represent it most of all, among human beings, children because children are made of the same substance as the soul, they are free and pure.

Soul-Love-Music-Children, this is the magical thread of this message.

I will work hard to achieve this result, seriously with absolute transparency and professionalism, the same that I have always had as a multinational record producer, and then in the project of my Karibu Onlus, this small and almost anonymous association born to be like a little bee, which spends his life to keep alive the great biological cycle that affects the entire planet.

I have been living in Africa for 17 years and I help children by providing them with free education so that they have a possibly different future.

I have included music lessons in the schools that I built over 13 years because I want to continue doing what I have always loved, sought and passed on to others in my life, music.

So I want to create a small choir of 20 students and the name is BLACK SWANS.

The Black Swan is a special swan.

He lives secluded, it is difficult to see him and his sudden appearance is synonymous with events that could somehow change the life of the earth or of human beings.

For my choir I created this recording project and our motto takes up a phrase from the lyrics of IMAGINE, one of the many masterpieces of the great John Lennon, to make it a mission.

Obviously Africa is everywhere, in the sound atmospheres, rhythms and choral parts of most of the compositions.

In the lyrics, we tell the story of man's growth through Love, our first nourishment, in all its expressions.

Popi Fabrizio



The project involves implementation in 2 phases:

  1. DVD



  1. It is the first passage and contains all the unreleased songs of the musical show, performed by young singers aged between 9 and 15. The singers will be chosen at the discretion of the Artistic Direction among the participants of any so-called "TALENT" competition of any country in the world aired in the 2021-2022-2023 seasons  

  2. The chosen artists undertake to interpret one or more songs, also in duets or choral parts, specially prepared based on their vocal characteristics by the authors of the Artistic Direction. Each of them will receive the Mp3 files and will then have to communicate the exact key in which to perform the song.

  3. The Artistic Direction will create all the guiding bases of the chosen songs and send them to all the singers to study the role and practice.

  4. The recording of the songs will take place in a recording studio in Rome during the 10 days of rehearsals for the creation of the musical show.

  5. The Artistic Director is always available to clarify doubts and to answer all the various questions. You can use all available systems, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, etc.

  6. Each performer will be offered a GENTLEMENT AGREEMENT in which the percentage, times and methods of participation in the recordings and the theatrical show are established.

  7. The contractual conditions relate exclusively to these recordings and participation in the theatrical show.

  8. During the duration of the contract, the artists will still be free to make concerts, records, promotions, TV appearances and anything else that concerns their activity.

  9. If one or more artists already have a recording contract with other recording, publishing and management companies, they must provide the Artistic Director with all the necessary contact details and the necessary licensing agreement.

  10. The DVD will be released and sold worldwide.

  11. The young artists and their companion will be guests of the production for all rehearsal days. They are responsible for the cost of the trip.




What will the world be like in 2226?

Will we be the same as always, will we be better, will we be people who wander to other planets in search of space to conquer or a humanity subjected to a single central command that manages the life of each of us, without stimuli, values and principles?

No one can say, many make predictions, most of them are catastrophic since the Corona Virus appeared but they are only hypotheses. The truth is that no one can know and I therefore prefer to think that the center of the universe will continue to be Man thanks to his bond with God, whatever God is, it is not important.

Direct contact between the Soul and God will always allow man to develop and grow, even if it will always happen in the midst of torment, doubts, conflicts, rebellions, selfishness, barbarism. Man has created millenary civilizations, full of Light, Culture, Knowledge, Man made of Reason and Feeling, Intelligence and Courage, has overcome any obstacle. And he will continue to do so only if he never loses the bond with God. Man, despite being born and dying, will never stop growing and will be a man who will live and work so that everything starts again as before, even if it takes millennia, as it has been for we. That man will start again with the same desire to live, to grow, to discover, to rejoice, to fight, to love as it has always been, in all living beings, practically everything on which our wonderful and unique has always been based. planet.

Our history is the journey of a search, from Below to Above, a perpetual journey and I cannot imagine it being different, not even in a thousand years.

The year that we represent in this work still breathes and lives on everything that has always kept us company in human history, material things will change their appearance and have new functions but what is in man and belongs to man, that eternal connection with the Divine, he will always be the same, always ready to remind us that everything is possible for us thanks to our ability to love and be loved in return.

First half scene


In the background of the stage, the facade of the Jerusalem Railway Station.

On the sides 2 soldiers.

Around it, a square which groups together a school and several artisan shops.

Everyone will be wearing colorful and bizarre clothes






Singing school




Sugar and Mr. Bee


Mr Tobe

Mme Mirelle

Mr Yung

Mr Bakee

Mr. Clok

Second half scene


In the background the sunny mid-afternoon sky that will slowly come to give way to the stars. In the middle of the stage a large tent immersed in the lush vegetation of the oasis. The clothes will have the color of the desert and vegetation.

Third half scene


The night sky is everywhere and in the middle in the background, against the light, the outline of a dark hut.

The clothes will be all white.


I am a lucky man because I have always had the opportunity to do what I wanted, in search of the true meaning with which to fill my life.

That doesn't mean it was easy, not really; but calculating between what I gave and what I received, I can well say that the balance is in the black.

A happy and carefree childhood in an uncontaminated and quiet Milanese suburb, an adolescence full of projects made with best friends, fun work, well-being, the desired family, music, day and night, successes and many satisfactions, among which the privilege of working with the best artist of all time, the courage to change everything, the happiness in giving, a great love for life, the constant presence of God, everywhere around me and inside me.

And it's not over yet, no, there is still something to do before I feel satisfied, before I can say that I have found and given true meaning to my life.

Indeed, my journey on this wonderful planet will continue forever on the wings of my African dream.


The small non-profit association that I created to realize my great African dream.

With her and through her I let myself be transported by Destiny to Africa, specifically to Kenya and I began, step by step, to realize my project. It was 2008.

Today, the schools and everything I built have been absorbed by the Ministry of Education and there are 504 students who attend schools for free.

So the first part of the promise made to those people, and to myself, is concluded and I dedicate myself to the second part of the project, KAMPUS.

Now is the time to take care of the adults of the Kibora Community, it is the time for health, work, welfare, economic development.

The goal is to transfer to the Community the necessary knowledge and the means to guide the development of the project themselves.

However, I will remain with them, with a loving and attentive gaze.


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