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Even in Kenya, football is the most loved and followed game. Given the past under the English government, the most followed championship is the PREMIERE LIGUE.

Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are the most followed teams, but also Real Madrid, PSG and Barcelona. Lately, thanks to Pogba, Dybala and now Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus too.

Kids play everywhere, sometimes with a real ball, often with something you can kick and roll.

Kenya does not have a great football tradition and has never hit the headlines like the Marathon and cross-country races where it boasts world champions and often gold medals at the Olympics. Kenya and Ethiopia are the queens in the world in these specialties.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of sports facilities and personnel with whom we can train and grow in the right way. There are very good young players but it all ends when you reach the age where you have to work to live. Everywhere.

Through our new Juventus club, we want to reopen, as already done in the past in Nairobi, a football school in Malindi, free like all the things we do for Kenyan children and we will ask for the support of the County of Kilifi.

The experience in Nairobi taught us many things to do in order not to fail and therefore now we are ready to resume the discussion.

We will present our sports program in January and will keep you informed. Juventus Chakama will also be born, with players from our village of Kibora and we will also create an official football field in Kibora.

Young people should have fun and stay away from all negative temptations such as drugs and alcohol. By playing football, young people train their mind and body to grow together, learn to be united, learn to have goals while playing for a goal and apply the same mental shape off the field.

To each a role, to each a task, to each the imagination to excel.

I really believe in this new mission and as always, I will do my best.

football academy



Thanks to the partnership with the JUVENTUS OFFICIAL FOOTBALL CLUB CHAKAMA of Malindi, the FOOTBALL FORGE OF TALENTS national amateur championship will be organized every year.

Teams from all the model villages created based on the KENYA FORGE OF TALENTS project will participate in this championship.

It will be a Round Robin type tournament with the difference that, in the end, the top four ranked teams will meet in a double elimination match and the team that wins the final will win the tournament.

The final will be played in Malindi.

The module village whose team wins the Tournament will have to present itself at the following year's tournament with a new team as its original team will participate in a National Category Championship.

All matches will take place on Sunday afternoon and will be directed by KFF referees and linesmen.

The age of the first team players must be between 16 and 18 years and the players who take to the pitch must always remain divided as follows throughout the match, even in the event of substitutions:

  • 5 16 year old boys

  • 4 17 year old boys

  • 2 18 year old boys

Every player change must take place with a player of the same age.

There must be 6 reserves, two per age group.

The substitutions allowed during each match can be a maximum of 4

JOFC CHAKAMA will organize the tournament under the supervision of the Federation.

The winning team will be entered in the lowest National Championship in the ranking currently in force in KFF.

All related expenses are borne by each city involved in the models created by KENYA FORGE OF TALENTS

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