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I've never liked talking about myself, it intimidates me and I didn't even imagine that, having to say something about myself anyway, it would be in this context. But life always chooses for you and I have learned, over time, to accept it, to come to terms with it, in my heart. So let me introduce myself.

My name is Fabrizio, surname, and Popi (first) name. I am stubborn and when I think and want something I really want it and I carry on like a mule, insensitive to prudence, to reasoning, proud to face challenges.
I love children, the weak, the defenseless and I would like to give my all for them, but it is often not possible, this society no longer allows it. But I'll try anyway.
This African adventure is an example of this and has a very particular charm because it occurs in the moment of so-called "maturity", even if I prefer to call it the moment of reflection, of sums.
However, even if I still lived with the spirit of adventure, I feel that Africa and this project are preparing my body and my spirit for something special.
This choice of life and content is putting back in place, in the right order and in the right dimension, thoughts, emotions, dreams, behaviors, values, hopes and certainties.
I didn't look for this adventure, it was she who looked for me and I'm happy to have been looked for.

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