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rebirth of a child in kenya

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Being at the service of anyone in difficulty is the commitment that our association has made since its birth in 2008, and it is the constant of my great work.
My goal is therefore to help children to study, men and women to work, the elderly to live peacefully and communities to have a prosperous future.
Destiny took me to a small village lost in the savannah and there I put down my roots and all of myself.
The village is called Chakama, it is located in Kilifi county in Kenya and the nearest city is Malindi which is about 70 km away. It is located on the banks of the Galana River and a few km from the Tsavo East National Park, one of the largest parks in Kenya.
The Community, at my request, told me what their priority was, the Schools, and I immediately got to work.
Thus was born the nursery school, which has two classes, and the PRIMARY, which has 8 classes, as indicated by the old course of studies established by the Ministry of Education. In fact today there are only six.
The additional structures added are two water reserves, one drinkable thanks to the connection with the Mawasco distributor and one taken from the river thanks to a system of pumps and pipes, then collected in a large tank containing 10,000 liters and finally purified with chlorine and used mainly for irrigation but also for domestic use.
Finally, many other small works carried out for farmers.

I eventually donated these schools to the Government and am now working on the second phase of my initial project.

This is an innovative project to bring all African citizens, in my case Kenyans, to manage their future as true protagonists and not as extras.

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The world is changing very quickly and, perhaps, it is time to review our way of thinking and also of living, naturally only where necessary.

Education, for example, is the basis for the development of all knowledge, it is the forge for opening and nourishing young minds from every part of the world and projecting them into life in search of the most coveted goals.

The educational method, therefore, must be renewed with a practice that abandons secular traditionalism to adopt a "dynamic" type of education, that is, suitable for every type of situation.

Meanwhile, the first important thing to establish is that "all children have the right to free education"


It is a duty of the State and/or Industry, Foundations or others to take care of the costs. In fact, it will certainly be in these areas that young people will then work.


The second important point concerns teaching, that is, what to teach students so that they are ready to seriously face the world of work already at the age of 18.

Therefore, basic general knowledge must be exhausted by the 13th year of age and then move on to substantive subjects in the following 5 years.

This path is for everyone and is especially useful for those who live in rural areas where there is a greater need for work that can bear immediate fruit as soon as the basic school course is completed.

Finally, an important principle concerns "merit" which must be rightly rewarded, giving the most deserving students the opportunity to continue their specialization studies at universities or technical institutes.

Even more so in this case, the support is through scholarships.

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The primary principle and pride of this innovative school is to develop the knowledge, thinking, determination, character and main aptitudes of each of its students to the maximum. The attitude of the professors must be serious but not authoritarian and, from the height of their position, they must encourage the growth of every student, even the most rebellious, before definitively deciding their unsuitability for their studies.
For this reason, the teachers themselves will choose their students after taking a pre-enrolment exam for the courses.
This is necessary because working on smart children means making the most of their path, facilitating teaching and making their academic journey as long as possible.
But teachers will also have to demonstrate their ability to guide students. Not only that but being able to explain your subject with great passion, that is, in the simplest and most understandable way.
Those who manage to complete the cycle of this school will certainly be able to face their life in the best possible way because they will always have many open doors. And teachers will also grow in experience, in their ability to relate to students.

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